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LaserMap for Windows CE
First product that combines Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with detailed street vactor based layer separated maps for the Windows CE platform (available since April 26, 1998). The LaserMap software records and track position worldwide with automatic map display. The software includes detailed map of Moscow (Russian Federation) with option to importing and purshase vector maps for other countries. 

HP 360LXLaserMap CE screen
1x1 screen copy
  • vector based layer separated map data structure;
  • economical use of the operational system and computer resources: original map data store format, developed specially for Windows CE, with using on the fly data compression technology and principle "one map - one file"
  • the same map data format used both for Win32 and WinCE platforms
  • best route tracing;
  • North on top and course on top map image displaying modes;
  • intuitively clear interface
  • built-in help system
  • zoom in/out - see the whole world or just a few streets
  • pan entire map area at one time
  • dynamic names positioning - all names are displayed inside current map windows
  • special rotatable font supported
  • possibility of interactive customization layers show rules and displaying parameters of the map objects
  • modes for image "dragging" and "selection" displayed window border limits
  • work with most popular GPS recievers (NMEA 0183 v.2.0 compatible) with RS232 customization option
  • special mode for moving map window according GPS position movement for showing your current position inside a screen
  • map moving Undo/Redo commands
  • record, store, reply and export a route
  • displays sattelites position and signal level and you position coordinates in real time
  • supports Windows CE 2.1x, Pocket PC and Windows 95/98/NT
  • Garmin 45XL GPS reciever
    Garmin 45XL

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