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LaserMap advanced kernel library for digital map processing/rendering and GPS navigation

Map rendering result sample 1 Map rendering result sample 2

Main features

  • Vector based layer separated mapping data organization model
  • Original compact mapping data storing format
  • Soft scale line
  • Dynamic inscription placing depended on current view position and scale
  • Original inscription overlapping prohibition algorithm
  • Original graphic subsystem with lines and fonts antialiasing
  • Effective map generalization subsystem
  • Advanced map image quality on large scale range
  • Map image rotation
  • Fast rendering subsystem
  • Best route tracing support
  • NMEA 0183 v.2.0 compatible GPS devices support
  • Current position and orientation displaying
  • Map object searching by name and address
  • Posix and Win32 compatible code
  • ArcInfo Shape import converter with built-in geodetic projections and datums coordinate conversion and advanced flexible SQL based DBMS data processing

  • Map rendering result sample 3 Map rendering result sample 4


    Operation systems:
  • Win32 (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000)
  • Windows CE (ver. 2.11 and later including PocketPC and PocketPC 2002)
  • Linux

  • CPU types:
  • Intel Pentium and compatible (Win32 and Linux)
  • StrongArm (Windows CE)
  • MIPS (Windows CE)
  • SH-3 (Windows CE)
  • SH-4 (Windows CE)

  • Color system:
  • 24 bits RGB color
  • 32 bits RGB color under request
  • 16 bits RGB color (5-6-5)
  • 15 bits RGB color (5-5-5) under request
  • 12 bits RGB color (4-4-4) under request
  • 8 bits grayscale

  • Developer kit complement

  • Map import converter (optional)
  • Interactive map show rules customization application
  • Dynamic or static library files
  • C++ header files with function set description
  • Commented samples code
  • NMEA 0183 v.2.0 driver module (optional)
  • Online road traffic information processing module and subsystem (optional)

  • Application capability

  • Map based software
  • Customized GIS applications
  • Navigation software
  • Software for in-car navigation systems
  • Interactive tour guides

  • More map image samples

  • Available on LaserMap web server page

  • Designed by V.Osipkov sw development team (
    Last updated: 15 Nov 2001